Thursday, June 3, 2010

Events This Weekend

Tomorrow all our hard work comes to fruition as the NewNew house
on Governors Island opens to the public. We will be open from
June 4th - September 5th when the island is open to the public.
Our press party was yesterday and Eyewitness News spent a happy
hour filming and interviewing so look for us over here.
Here's a sneak peek of the house and some of the wonderful
participating artists.

Front of our house

Eyewitness News presenter

front of the house

back of the house

New new portraits

Claudia Pearson corner

Claudia Pearson

Take Me Homeware

Alexandra Ferguson

And here are my special Governor Island Tea Towels available here.

Governors Island tea towel hanging

Governors Island tea towel folded

I will also be at Renegade this Saturday and Sunday from 11-7.
I'm offering a 10% discount to my readers who stop by and say hi.


  1. Hi Claudia - the pictures look great. I posted something on my blog about what you are doing, maybe you can make a comment on mine or write someting that I can include?
    great work!

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  9. Our press party was yesterday and New Trends Eyewitness News spent a happy
    hour filming and interviewing so look for us.