Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Friday

I love this time of year at the market.
I usually slice these thinly and throw them in a salad
but, have been searching for some more
adventurous radish recipes.
Please leave a comment if you have any to share.


  1. I've had a radish yen lately myself! You should check out Her go-to is radishes with a smear of butter then sprinkled with sea salt (delish!) but she also adds them to a variety of interesting salads and I seem to remember a cooked radish thingy too.

  2. Cooked radishes are a recent revelation. It shouldn't have been: I was well aware of the use and yumminess of Daikon radishes in Korean stocks and stews but it had never dawned on me to cook the, uh, garden variety. I have Deborah Madion's Spring vegetable stew to thank. The idea is that you individually blanch your seasonal vegetables until tender (eg carrots, radishes, broccoli stems, turnips, whatever is in season) in salted boiling water, refresh in ice water so they stop cooking. (This seems like a lot of trouble but it m,eans you can do it ahead of time.) What results is a simple stock--reserve one cup. Melt butter in a pas with thyme and add the reserved liquid and then simmer the vegetables in this until warmed through. Add a squeeze of lemon and then finish with herbs (she adds sorrel chives parsley and tarragon)