Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thanks to Print & Pattern

If you don't already know this daily design site based
out of London then please go and check it out.
There's always a great selection of work by
illustrators and textile designers.

Today I was featured and always love it when my work
makes it across the pond.


  1. Print and Pattern is a FAB BLOG, I love visiting it to see whats new. AS well as Print and pattern you have also been featured on my little blog too (although I don't have quite as many followers as PandP!!). I just loved your work and thought it deserved a mention. the link is here if you want to pop by and take a look, keep up the great work

  2. I was just on Print & Pattern, and saw the mention of you, and your gorgeous work. Needless to say, I immediately headed over here. Your work is soooooo stunning, and I
    am completely head over heels for your style!
    It's absolutely lovely. Thanks so much for sharing! :)