Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1st Valentine's Giveaway

Seeing as it's the month of romance I thought it appropriate
to offer my Love Cloud print this month as the giveaway.

You may remember that 25% of sales from this illustration
is being donated to Doctors Without Borders for Haiti so
even if you don't win this print, it's still available in my shop
and a wonderful opportunity to give to a much needed

To enter the competition please comment below on your ideal
dream date with a loved one. The winner will be picked out of
a hat Monday February 8th so have fun and go wild with your
fantasy date !!



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  2. My ideal dream date would be a weekend tucked away in a little B&B in Quebec City, Canada, during a very snowy month-- this is the honeymoon that my husband and I still haven't gotten around to having. And now that we live on the West Coast, the idea of snow is all the more precious!

    Thanks for the giveaway and your efforts for Haiti!

    (And sorry for the technological difficulties that made me delete my first comment! Please disregard it!!)

  3. My dream date used to be a whirlwind weekend in Paris. That is certainly still true, but now that we have three little kids, I'd settle for going out to dinner with my husband at a restaurant that doesn't have a kiddie menu!

  4. I am living in Florence Italy now as a culinary student. My dream date would be for my boyfriend to visit me. We would wander around like I do solo and find a small trattoria for dinner. Then we'd head to the river to walk, drink wine, and catch up. All in all, simple, but so good.

  5. My ideal date would be a romantic weekend in a cozy little cabin in snowy Yosemite. And, lucky me, my husband is taking me on just that date for Valentine's Day this year!

  6. My dream date with the hubby would involve him surprising me with a dinner he's prepared, at home, over candlelight. With chocolate for dessert. :)

  7. Since I don't have a SO in my life at the moment and don't really want one, my dream date would be to go with my Ma to a bed and breakfast in southern Illinois. We could go bird watching and hit the coffee shops and window shop. I think that would be loads of fun. And maybe I could take her some place nice for dinner. She loves spanakopita.

  8. I would love a weekend of storm watching in Tofino, BC!

  9. my dream date would involve a warm sunny day spent with my boyfriend spread out on a blanket in one of the hidden meadows in golden gate park here in san francisco....with books, wine, a picnic, and a cool breeze....

  10. Oh what a beautiful print! Okay, now you can call me an old lady, but I would love to sleep late, have a slow breakfast out somewhere cozy and then roam around an antique hall for the afternoon, holding hands of course. That would be such a nice day to me....sigh...

  11. dream date would be a surprise weekend getaway--flying somewhere! love!

  12. Love love love this print! My ideal date with the better half would be driving down to Boston, leaving the car somewhere and then walking/taking the T all over town. Lunch somewhere fun, maybe coffee and a snack in the afternoon. A leisurely walk through the MFA, maybe check ou the new museum on the waterfront. Lots of people watching and window shopping. :)

  13. My dream date? It's pretty simple. Getting a babysitter, stealing a few hours with my husband, sneaking into the city and enjoying a glass or two.. or three of our favourite wines. Then dashing off for a simple dinner for two. Catching the train home and giggling like two crazy teenagers, and a quiet smooch when we get home.