Friday, October 16, 2009

2010 Calendar

Finally I'm thrilled to reveal my 2010 calendar.
I've been feverishly drawing yummy fruits, vegetables and
other local delights for each month.
I'm finding as time goes by that I get such pleasure out of eating locally
and therefore seasonally and thought this would be a wonderful
subject for a calendar. Every month features the produce in season and
in January I will be featuring a guest blogger chef who will share
some local recipes. It's going to be an exciting project.
Meanwhile the calendar will be available November 1 from my shop.






envelope front

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  1. Hey Claudia,
    I found you via Holly at Decor8 and love your work! I'm studying illustration in Cambridge, England and it's always nice to stumble across new professional illustrators who blog. Will be popping back soon no doubt
    Anna :)